Privacy Policy

Last revised July 22, 2020

Any updates to East Borough Shop’s privacy policies will be added to this location. If we add any changes to our privacy policies, the last revised date will also be updated. Policies described apply to East Borough Shop only.

We automatically collect certain information about you when you access or use our website, including browser used, pages viewed and your IP address. We may use browser activity cookies to track your interactions with our site. This information is used for site experience and or improvement only.

Personal information provided to East Borough Shop when placing an order (name, email address, billing and shipping address and credit card info) are used only for processing of your requested order. Contact information provided for order processing is not sold or shared with any outside companies or third parties.

Online shopping security

Our online store is hosted on Shopify’s online platform. Online orders at East Borough Shop are encrypted through secure socket layer (SSL) certificates. This (SSL) technology ensures the security of online businesses by protecting transactions made through SSL enabled browsers. (The closed padlock emblem in the address bar of our site shows that there is an SSL certificate deployed). While our site is set up to ensure safe online ordering, please call 503.752.5018 if you would prefer to order via phone.