It’s time for an update! (Microspace, Grandmothers have great taste, pillow sale, et al)

With much afoot at East Borough Shop since our online launch, it’s high time for another update.

Our in-person space is open! East Borough Shop now has a (very small) brick & mortar location—at 1627 NE Alberta Street in Portland. It is in Alberta Street Studios, nestled on a street focused on art, restaurants and small brick and mortar shopping. The space is perfectly sized, where a few people can shop at a time and remain socially distanced.

East Borough Shop was always meant to have an in-person component, so I’m happy to see this part of the endeavor unfolding. Opening during this slow time (February/March are not known for being bustling shopping months except for around Valentine’s Day, which we had to miss for weather closure + of course, the pandemic) means I can cut my teeth on this whole business of being an in-person shopkeeper…slowly. Customers (spanning a very full range of ages) do come, and sanitize at my station before entering, and wear a mask. And enjoy being in the space! It’s so wonderful to meet different folks inspired to come in and have a look around. And when what I offer resonates with shoppers, it’s a great feeling. My favorite customer quote continues to be “I love your eye.” My second favorite quote continues to be “My Grandma would love your store.” (Funny because it wasn’t “I love your store,” or “My Mom would love your store” and great because the Grandmothers I’ve known are firm appreciators of special and beautiful things).  

Another exciting store development is that we have a new website! The new site means faster load times, and hopefully easier navigation through our multiple product categories. There are easy filters to allow product views, including lowest to highest cost (we continue to have a wide range). And there are a few pics that show views of the in-person space.

East Borough Shop’s offerings have continued to unfold in a way that is keeping with the original intent of the store—to offer unique, charming and useful wares in multiple personal and home categories. We’ve rounded our homewares section with utility wares and beautiful block print textiles fresh from Rajasthan, and do regular restocks of favorites in all our departments. Exciting additions from Donna Wilson (UK designer with a super charming sensibility) and Greentree candles (hand poured beeswax in the Catskills with all kinds of good press) will be added soon!

Lastly, our beautiful natural history pillows are on SALE!

We’ll continue to send updates as there are announcements to make. And for seeing day-to-day news, we hope you’ll follow us on

Thanks so much!


Owner & operator, East Borough Shop