A few notes about our current offerings

A few notes about our current offerings

Sept 13, 2020

We offer an evolving collection of wares, and here’s a bit about selections available now...

Bath & Body Right now Ortigia has solo reign over this section—and their stellar offerings allow them to hold that space for our launch. Scents are layered and lush without overwhelming, and products across the line feel undeniably special. Their price points are reasonable while their rich aromas are created by a luminary perfumer. I imported from Italy just before the pandemic took its dreadful hold there— I’m happy to be able to share.

Décor I offer the kantha stitched blankets with the confidence of having owned one from the same artisans for years. They’re cotton and reversible and made in India with beautiful fabrics. You can keep one folded on a couch or chair for easy regular grabbing. Or you can lay one flat on a bed if you want to show off all material (from one side) at once. They are stunning and fairly traded. And I’ve owned a beautiful design legacy pillow that’s gone the distance for over ten years. It’s only with that experience that I could deign to offer these at their fair but not at all minuscule cost.

Candles SNL did a hilarious sketch about candle regifts (youtube). The candles we offer are not those. We’ve included beautifully scented and designed Ortigia ones, and earthy beeswax that make regular use feel special. The beeswax tombstone angels are one of my favorite pieces in the store.

Paper & Cloth The prints included are exceedingly frameable and largely comprised of PNW artists. If you like paper goods and wonderful illustrations, you’ll probably connect with an offering there. This section is also a cheerful pen for other wares like our felt ornament collection.

Books An in-person space would likely include a slightly expanded selection, though Portland has the bookshop space very nicely covered. Getting books from your favorite local shops is always a good idea (like Portland’s Powell’s, Annie Bloom’s, Broadway Books, Belmont Books, Mother Foucault's, Passages…).

Delectables The selections here are the right ones for our (simple and good) sensibility aims, and showcase our foundational belief that good chocolate and salt are staple items. Moonstruck creates delightful chocolate confections for the seasons and Bees and beans makes some of the best tasting chocolate treats ever, carefully in small batches and with short high-quality ingredient lists. Jacobsen salt is widely recognized by cooks and chefs for their offerings. Everything we offer here make unquestionably useful gifts.

Vintage homewares I tend to skip clothes and head straight to homewares when vintage treasure hunting. I’m not focused on collectibles but on zeroing in on high quality utility (or charm or beauty). You can do this yourself or take advantage of my journeys and eye for quality finds.

A quick note on animal imagery Okay, who doesn’t like animals? It’s for good reason that they’re represented in just about every category at East Borough Shop. They tend to add cheer and who doesn’t need cheering? They can lean regal or cozy. They can represent deities or archetypal symbols or nature—sometimes all at once. And they tend toward color/ethnicity/gender inclusion.

We hope you find some enjoyment in checking it all out!